Tuesday, April 30, 2013

I love you Kyla!

    Hi all, this is Kyla's husband Steve. Today marks our 2 year Anniversary! I wanted to tell her how great she is and how much I love her.

Dear Kyla,

I never imagined, that I would not only have a beautiful woman who shares my values on so many things and works hard to keep our family strong, but also supports my dreams.
I think many people might talk about supporting their spouses dreams especially before marriage  but I am so lucky to have a woman who actually does it.
More and more I see that I made the best choice in asking you to marry me. It takes a special woman to be married to me.
As you may remember the most important thing to me in choosing a wife was finding a woman who I wouldn't just love for a few years, but one I could love forever. I knew life would throw us plenty of curve balls through time. It was a complete necessity that I find a woman who would grow in the same direction with me.
I believe much of divorce and unhappy marriages come from couples giving up and not walking on the same path in life. We have stayed constant in our path as we have changed for the better. I feel we are more alike and better to each other now than we were during the time of dating and beginnings of our marriage. We treat each other better and are more patient with one another than we were before.
That says something.
We have had to make hard decisions in our marriage, and endure many hardships new to our previous lives.
That one choice was so powerful. The choice to marry not someone I just had an infatuation with, but someone who would stay on the same track I would.
You are a remarkable woman, you do so much to keep our marriage alive and you always put me before anyone else. I struck gold!
I love you so much and truly look forward to celebrating many more anniversaries to come. This year was better than the last and may things always look up!

Love eternal,

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