Thursday, April 25, 2013

Our Adventure In Moving To Utah

Every since my husband and I got married we wanted to move to Utah to be close to my family and get out of boring Rexburg. The sooner we could get out of there the better. There was hardly any work up there, it was cold, and there was nothing to do. I had been working at Albertsons and it wasn't a bad job, but I wasn't even making $8 an hour. So I started looking at jobs in Utah and hoping someone would be ok with doing a skype interview or give me enough notice to drive down to Utah for an interview. For a little while we really didn't have much luck. I did have one skype interview with being a nanny for 6 kids in Orem, but that didn't work out. I kept applying thinking if the lord wanted us in Utah he would find a way. Then I got a call from a Chiropractor's office while I was at work. We only have one phone so my husband answered and set up an interview for the next day. When I got home and he started to tell me about it, I looked up the number and noticed it was a Utah number. I laughed and told him there was no way I could get to Utah tomorrow on a work day. I called them but they where closed, luckily they had emailed me more information so I emailed them back telling them about how I was in Idaho and could maybe come down on the weekend or have a skype interview. They where very desperate and went ahead and had a skype interview with me the next day. The interview went well but when they told me I would be making $8.50 an hour I knew that wasn't enough for us to move to Utah. I had to call them back and tell them I couldn't take the job. I was sad because I really wanted to move down to Utah and wanted to get some front office experience for the future. After I had told them I had to make at least 10 dollars an hour for us to move down there they told me they would talk about it and call me back. So I went to work and half way through they called me and told me they would start me at $9 and then within a month and half have me at $10. I told them I would happily take the job and asked when they wanted me to start, they said that Monday. Keep in mind this happened on Halloween on a Wednesday. I had 4 days to find a place for us to live, pack, move, and sell our contract. I had no idea how we where going to do this but I knew it would work out even if we had to live at my parents for a little while.

We started packing that very minute I got off the phone and want searching for boxes. My wonderful parents started look at apartments for us in Orem but none of them my parents liked and they where in sketchy neighborhoods. Then my mom came across a one bedroom basement apartment in Alpine 1.6 miles from my parents house. It would require us to help the man up-stair by taking him to church, doctor appointment, yard work, and any other errands he would need. I was ok with that even though we wanted a 2 bedroom apartment, the place was big and VERY nice for the price. We still couldn't decide but my mom scheduled us an interview with him anyways for Saturday at four.  We scheduled a rental truck for Saturday before my mom set up the appointment and then realized we would need two days to load all our stuff in the truck. When I went to change the date they told me they had no trucks available. Then I started to panic because we need to be in Utah for the interview. We called many different places but they all where too expensive. We ended up calling the same company but the one in Idaho Fall's to see if they had one for us. They only had one left so we raced up there and got the rental truck. Thanks to four of our great friends we barely made it out in time to make our appointment. We met with Monroe for the apartment and we LOVED it. The next day he called us on Sunday to let us know we got the apartment and we moved in Monday. All we had left was to sell our contract and we only had till that same Monday to sell it or we would have to pay that months rent. Again by some miracle we sold it that very Monday.

Looking back that was one of the biggest blessing and a complete miracle that that all worked out so quickly. I know with out a doubt my husband and I where meant to be here in Utah. After finding out my aunt and then not to long later my grandpa have cancer I am so glad I can now be a support for my family. I am glad I get to be more involved in my sister's lives as they grow up. I can now help my family with anything they need. Now more then ever I need to be near my family so we can get through this together. I also have an amazing job now in American Fork, the perfect home, a cat, along with my amazing husband of course.

Life Is Good!! :D

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  1. I am so glad everything worked out so well for you guys. God really does hear our prayers and makes it so we can do what seems impossible.