Friday, February 24, 2012


Today I am so thankful for a healthy husband! I see many people around me where their husband is sick or has passed away. I always want to have my husband with me till we are in our 80's. I'm always scared of losing him (all thanks to my wonderful anxiety). I get scared he will die in his sleep or get hit by a car or in a car accident or get cancer. Sometimes I just have to tell myself to calm down and know that everything will be ok. lol there was one time in the middle of the night I didn’t think I could hear him breathing so I shook him awake to make sure he was ok. If he seems to be out to long when I know he should be home I call him to make sure he is ok. Maybe this is all a newlywed thing (hopefully). Luckily he is not a worrier at all so it helps me a ton.

So update of what has been going on. For Valentine’s Day I didn’t think we would do much but go out to eat but we also ended up doing to a movie and out for ice cream. We didn’t get each other anything because we don’t have a lot of money so we just made each other cards and that was just as good. When we went out to eat we were very glad to go to Idaho Falls because gas is so much cheaper there. So we looked for the cheapest place and got gas. Well after we saw the movie my husband see's this car with its gas door open with the top off. So he very kindly puts the top on and closes it. Well as I looked closer at the car it was our car and I had drove 30 mins with it off and then had it sit in our parking lot and the movie theaters parking lot all day long since then. I was laughing so hard and he kind of wasn’t lol.

Today we went on a wonderful walk to our favorite park that we haven’t been to since summer seeing the pond frozen and expecting no ducks but there were just as many ducks as there where in the summer. It was so much fun watching them walk on the ice and slide around on it. Then a couple brought pizza and fed it to them and we laughed as the ducks chased each other around when one would have the whole slice in his mouth. Some would get as far as to the pond and on the ice but then they couldn't run so they would just slide around. Also when we first got to the pond Steve went down and started walking on the ice and I started yelling at him to get off the ice cause I was afraid it would break and he would drown he laugh at me but I stomped my feet and begged him to come back. Finally after a while he came back but not after he told me I was worse than his mom. lol but hey I was only trying to keep him safe. then as we were walking back I saw this big puddle that had frozen over and decided to walk on that and he laughed at me saying well now that it’s not deep you want to walk on the ice. lol I ended up spending around thirty mins playing on the ice. Have to see it was one of the best walks I have been on!! I love being with my husband, life is never boring!!

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