Friday, January 20, 2012

Grateful for Him!!

I am SO grateful for my husband today!!! He is always the rock I can lean on. When things are hard he always knows the right things to say. Today after almost a month of having a hard spot financially. We are finally seeing the light and we are very excited to get back on our feet again. The lord has blessed us so much since we have been married it overwhelms me! I love now that my husband and I now work at the same job together and have the same schedule, so I even get to spend more time with him at work. When my husband got back from depositing his first check from our new job this morning he came into our room and told me that we needed to do everything we can to thank the lord for all his help. Hearing that from my husband made me admire him so much for always making the lord the center of our home. He is so strong in the gospel and such a good example to me. He amazes me every day. I know without a doubt in my mind he was made for me.

Last night I was talking to him about how the beginning of my junior year I decided to really change my life around and make the gospel fully the center of my life. Not that I was doing anything wrong I just didnt feel like I was being the best I could be. So from then on till I met Steve I never had boyfriend or any serious relationship. I wanted time just to better myself, be stronger in the gospel and truly love myself. I made it a goal to read The Book of Mormon in at least a year and it turned out I read that and D&C in that year. I realize now that I was preparing myself for him. I'm glad I spent that time to work on me so I could later meet the most incredible man as soon as I got to college. I owe the lord everything for blessing me with being married to him for time and all eternity. I knew the second I met him that he was the type of guy I wanted in my life. Every day I love him more and more. I see now how everything in my life guided me to him all this time. I would happily go through it all again if I knew that I would end up with him in the end. I can’t wait to grow old with him and start a family in the future.

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