Thursday, January 5, 2012

Happy New Year! And a much needed update!! :P

So every time I have thought about writing on my blog I could never think about what to write. Today I decided I would just start typing and hope something will come to me. I have loved the Holidays because I finally get to see all my family and Steve's family. Thanksgiving my husband and I went to Kuna to stay with my grandparents and spend time with my whole family on my mom’s side. My favorite thing was for the first time really watching my husband get to know my family and it made me love him even more. Then for Christmas we went to his families in Arizona. It was pretty warm but sometimes a little chilly but much better then Rexburg. Being there I got to know my husband a lot more and how he grew up and go through all his boxes of stuff to find all the things we want to keep. For Christmas his parent made all of us copies of the family videos. There are 47 cds and I have so far only gotten through 16 of them. One of the great things about it is I get to put a personality to his brother David who passed away at 16 when my husband was only 9. It is kind of hard knowing I have a brother in law that I don’t even know but watch the videos lately have been really letting me get to know him more. He was a really really great kid and was a really good brother to my husband. He was really funny and always very happy. After Christmas we spent the New Year with my family.
Life right know has been a bit hard because my job has not been giving me enough hours and I have been the only one working this semester since Steve has been going to school. Luckily now he is off track for the winter so we can now have double income and hope that helps us more. Rexburg is really not a great place for jobs because there are so many students down here. I am hoping we can move out of here soon and get some place where the job industry is better. I would really like to move back to Utah but we will have to see where work takes us. I have been looking at either going to hair school or learning to make cakes like my sister in law did and the working in a bakery. I think I would more like to make cakes because the classes are a lot cheaper then hair school. But when it comes down to my husband, I love every minute with him. He is a total sweetheart and as long as I have him I can do anything. He is very supportive and always there for me when I need someone to talk to or just hold me. I am hoping this New Year will be a good one and maybe sometime at the end of the year move out of here. Hope you all have a great new year!! Love you all!!!

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