Sunday, January 15, 2012


For Steve's birthday on July 2nd, sadly I had to work that morning so I woke up a little early so I could decorate the apartment so he would at least wake up to something. Then I was able to get off work early and make him a special breakfast. Then for luch we went to Texas Roadhouse for his very first time and he loved it. Then we went and saw two movies first was X-Man: First Class and then Transformers 3. After that we came home late and ate sex in a pan, his favorite cake he has had for most his birthdays in the past. The presents he got where two comic books he picked out and then I got him Superman pjs. I was very glad we could do everything Steve wanted to do.

For my birthday August 22, my husband brought me my favorite breakfast from McDonalds and then when we were done eating he left our bedroom and then a couple mins later told me to get him some toliet paper and when I came out he had decorated the whole apartment with balloons and streamers! After that we drove to a civil rights cave. I had never been in a cave with no lights so it kind of freaked me out and I had a hard time with it but I made it through but felt bad that I wasnt braver. Then as we were driving home we pulled over cause I wanted to see the sand dunes but in the end got our car stuck in the sand and couldnt get us out for 30 mins until finally someone pulled over and helped us. Then I went and got my DQ cake cause I hadnt had one since I was little and ate it when we got home. Then we went to Texas Roadhouse and had dinner. It was a very good day and was very happy to just be with my husband.

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