Thursday, January 12, 2012

The many things I love about my husband!!

 Today I felt the need to write down the things I love about my husband since he did so on our mirror a month ago of what he loved about me.
 I love that I can tell Steve anything.
 I love that you always know just the way to make me feel better no matter what it is wrong.
 I love that you cuddle with me all night long.
 I love watching you sleep and thinking how much I love you at the same time.
 I love watching movies with you.
 I love that you are always such a goof.
 I love that you always hold my hand everywhere we go.
 I love that you can always make me smile no matter what.
 I love that I fall in love with you every day.
 I love how supportive you are.
 I love that you will be the father of our children.
 I love watching you at nursery playing and reading to the kids.
 I love that you love me no matter what.
 I love talking about the future with you.
 I love that you always want the best for me.
 I love that you hate telling me no and always feel bad when you do.
 I love that you love my cooking even when sometimes I don’t.
 I love that we met swing dancing.
 I love that you love dancing with me.
 I love more than anything that I get to spend forever with you.
 I love that I married you in my favorite temple and also the place where you first told me you loved me.
 I love that when I get hurt in any way you hold me until I feel better.
 I love that you love the gospel.
 I love that you have the priesthood.
 I love that you are very humble.
 I love that you are always helping others.
 I love that you’re amazing at making breakfast.
 I love that you tell me everything’s ok since I worry so much.
 I love that you always put the toilet seat down.
 I love that you clean it when I forget.
 I love that you always smell good.
 I love that you want to have us stay fit.
 I love that we read our scriptures and say our prayers every night since we have been married.
 I love going to places in our pjs because we are too lazy to put on something else.
 I love watching you with my family.
 I love that when we go to Taco Bell you take as many sauce packets you can hold to store at home.
 I love that you work so hard to provide for us when my work doesn’t give me enough hours.
 I love that you respect and honor me.
 I love that you always make room in your day to spend time with me.
 I love that you are the only guy I ever dated in college.
 I love sitting by you at church.
 I love when you say my full name.
 I love that you proposed to me where we met.
 I love that you always make me laugh.
 I loved seeing you going to Disneyland for your first time.
 I love knowing that you're all mine.
 I love that you will watch chick flicks with me.
 I love that you’re frugal.
 I love that you want to give to others.
 I love how good you take care of me when I'm sick.
 I love that you tell me everything.
 I love that I can trust you.
 I love that you knew you wanted to marry almost two months into us dating.
 I love that you are such a hard worker.
 I love that you always want to do what’s right.
 I love the example you are to me.
 I love that you are patient with me.
 I love knowing that we can make it through anything.
 I love that we have the same views on life.
 I love ill get to spend every waking moment with you.
 I love when you go grocery shopping with me.
 I love going to the temple with you.
 I love listening to you pray.
 I love that you always stand up for me.
 I love that the love I have for you feels my whole body and soul.
 I love when you stroke my face.
 I love when you play with my hair.
 I love that sometimes when we pray you hold my hand as we fold our arms.
 I love that you love doing yard work.
 I love that you are everything that I have ever wanted.


  1. You two are so cute! You were so specific, I hope that wasn't just on a whim cause I think I would have to think to come up with that many reasons, not that I don't love Mark, but I am no good at recognizing things like that.
    Oh by the way, the Taco Bell packets, that is an Oaks thing. Mark does it too.

  2. lol at first it took sometime, but then once I got started I couldn't stop. I made it so when ever I need a remind I can just pull up my blog.