Monday, August 8, 2011

Saying Yes to the Dress

How did I find that dress I have been dreaming of my whole life? Well let me tell you, it wasnt easy! We went to many different stores all over Utah and I only had one day to find it cause my husband and I were only down for the weekend. I was so excited!! I had waited so long to try them on and I had to hold myself back from all those years of wanting to try one on for fun. I always loved going into bridal stores for fun and looking at them all and watching the brides-to-be try on dresses. I think I tried close to 50 dresses. It was great being there with my little sister Emilee and my mom. The first store I went to I found one I liked but it would need to be altered because it was a little tight up top, but it was already over my budget and I didnt fully feel like a bride in it. Then as I went to other stores none of them could compare to that dress. As time went on I got grumpy from still not being able to find my dress. Then we went to one last store. One I had been to before but really didnt believe I could find one there. They ended up having I dress I had been looking at for years but it was over 1,000 dollars and that wasnt even close to my budget. Then I tried on another dress I had looked at for years too and I loved it. I felt a lot more like a bride then I did in all the other dresses I had tried on. Another thing was I was looking for an all lace dress, very vintage. Then the lady at the store started pulling more dress that fit my budget but they didnt fit what was on my list. Then I saw one she pulled that was beaded at the top no lace but had roses on it and I really wanted that also, so I decided to try it on just to see what it looked like. When I came out in it I liked it but it didnt hit me how much a loved it until my mom, who had been looking at dresses, turned the corner and right away started crying. Just what I wanted. My mom told me it was 100% me. It also looked a lot like belle, my favorite princess since I was little. It was nothing like what I was thinking of, I wanted a line or mermaid, it was a ball gown. I wanted lace, it had no lace. But it had the buttons down the back, the right amount of beading, beautiful train, roses, and the fabric was beautiful!! Another thing, it fit be like a glove, I didnt need any altering and the lady that helped me with my dress told me I was 1 in 100 girls that she sees that happen too. So everyone, when trying on bridal dress, be open to everything, you dress may not be what you where thinking like mine was.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Steve's Version of Hey There Delilah

Steve wrote me this 2 and a half weeks that we had to apart till our wedding day. :)

Hey there Kyla what’s it like in Alpine City?
I’m 200 miles away but girl you always look so pretty yes you do
Rexburg cant shine as bright as you…
I know its true

Hey there Kyla, don’t you worry about the distance I’m right there
If you get lonely give me a call on skype, we’re talk all night.
We’ve prayed about it we know its right, look to the light.

Oh we’re getting sealed next week

Hey there Kyla, I know things are really tight but just believe me girl
Someday I’ll pay the bills with a real job, we’re getting blessed…
God will take care of all the rest…Jesus knows best…

Hey there Kyla I got so much left to do, I’d work six days each and every week if I still had time with you
I’d paint the skies all white and blue, just for you

Oh we’re getting sealed next week

200 miles seems pretty far, but they’ve got buses, shuttles, cars-I’d run to you if I had no other way

Others may make fun of us, but we’ll just smile to ourselves because we know that they do not understand
Kyla I can promise you that I will al-ways love you the seasons and years just cant define
I want you mine…
Hey there Kyla you be good and don’t you miss me
Two more years and I’ll be done with school and you will be hap-py
Yes you will…
Oh yes I know your looks can kill..
We will never name our son Bill…

Hey there Kyla heres to you, this one’s for you

Oh we’re getting sealed next week

My love for you won’t stop with time, I know your mine

Monday, June 20, 2011

The Married Life

How do I like married life you ask? Well its pretty much the best thing in the world!!!! I get to cuddle with my husband at night, come home to him every day after work, we get to be really goofy cause no one is watching us,  we get to go and do whatever we want (if we can afford it), no more roommates, you always have someone to talk to, and know you're safe because your husband sometimes jumps out of bed if you make too much nosie thinking someone is in the house. My husband is for sure my perfect match! No one in this world could fit me better than he does, we like the same music, have a lot of the same hobbies, we love the gospel with everything we have, love doing service, watching movies, same favorite foods, dancing, running, and are both light sleepers. We don't plan on having kids until like a min. of 2 years. We hope to travel a lot through out our lives. Want to serve a mission when we are older. We love our apartment! Its totally perfect for us on a quiet street but in the middle of town so everything is really close. We like going to the park and feeding the ducks. My husband loves to take up the whole bed but he says only because he has to be close to me at night. He is really fun to watch as he sleeps cause he does some funny things.
The hardest things about being married is you can't visit your family whenever you want any more, bills, have to work longer hours at your job and dont get to go on all the vactions your family gets to go on. As you can see there is not many hard things about being married. I know that with Steven I can do anything and I would never leave him. He is my best friend and treats me how I have always wanted to be treated by my husband. He makes life less stressful for me. I get to totally let my hair down and be myself  and know that he loves every single thing about me. No one has ever made me laugh and  smile as much as he does and no one makes me as happy as he makes me. It is also the best feeling knowing he is mine forever!! I love that I'm going to get to grow old with him and have children and go through every step of life with him by my side! I thank the lord every day for giving me such a wonderful husband!!  I love you Steven Oaks!!

Friday, June 17, 2011

The Honeymoon

After planning for a little while on where to go on our honeymoon, we decided we would go to Disneyland because Steve had never been. So when we woke up from our first night together and started to pack and were about to leave when we realized we lost our hotel key and we had to return it. We searched every where and I mean every where. I was really panicked because we would miss our flight if we couldn't find it and I really didn't want to pay the fee for them to get a new one. Finally we just had to give up and ask them if they could find it for us when cleaning. As we walked out the door and closed it we saw that the key was still in the lock! How weird is that? We must have been so nervous that we forgot to take the key out of the lock. As we got to the airport and almost to where we board they called final boarding! We where so lucky not to miss our flight and then when we got on the plane they announce how we had just got married, never had that happen before. Then we drove about an hour to our hotel in Carlsbad. We then went and got oranges and strawberries at my families favorite strawberry field. Then the next day Steve started not feeling very well and we later find out it was strep throat, but we didn't have his insurance card so we never took him to the doctor. Luckily he got better by the time we got to Disneyland but we didn't get to spend really any time on the beach like we planned. We mostly just hung at the hotel. We did try to have a bomb fire that last night but couldn't find a place we could have one so we had to take all our supplies back to the store. Then when we got to Disneyland it was really fun to watch Steve get really excited about the rides. We had a lot of fun and wore just married pins and our Disney bride and groom shirts. Our favorite ride is the Toy Story ride! Then we saw the world of color and we loved it!! It was just amazing!! For sure was the best honeymoon we could ever have had and it fit our personalities very much!! Then we flew to Steve's parents house, had our open house. Then his dad offered to have us buy his car cause we were very much in need of one and had been looking for awhile and drove it to my home to get all our wedding gifts and then drive to our cute little apartment, that we love, and started our new life together as husband and wife. Lets just say married life is the best thing ever!!!!!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Wedding

Those who know me well I have planned this day since I was born. I pretty much lived for this day. I have loved everything to do with weddings.When the day finally came I couldn't believe it. I was marrying the man of my dreams! The man I wanted to spend forever with, who couldn't fit me more perfectly! The love I have for this man words could never explain! How honored I was to be marrying him I couldn't even tell you! He is 100% my best friend, the one makes me smile and laugh the most, who I could never imagine losing ever!! We both took a sleeping pill the night before cause we are both really light sleepers and wanted to get a good nights sleep. I woke up at 8 in the morning to go get my hair done at 8:30 by the person that has cut my hair since I could remember. Who as you can see did an AMAZING job!! Then right after that I drove to my next stop to get my make up done and she really knew how to make me look stunning. Then got my bouquet and went back home and got everything I needed, then left for Salt Lake. I got there right on time and was so stressed and nerves that I was shaking and had to have Steve hold me for a second as my mom checked in my dress. Then we walked out of the waiting room into the temple. I couldn't believe I was there! I had dreamed of getting married in this temple forever! Then we went in a little office where they got all our information and had us sign our marriage license and ask us who we wanted to be our witnesses, of course we picked our fathers. Then we where took up stairs and separated to go to the dressing rooms. When I got in there it was pretty much a small little locker room and I was a little sad that it wasn't nicer. Then the temple worker asked me if I wanted to get ready in the bridal room or change in the locker room, I picked the bridal room of course. They had me put on this elegant silk robe to walk into the bridal room and then my mom helped me get in my temple dress and I felt SO beautiful and was so grateful to have my mom there with me. It was such a special moment to spend time with my mom and look in the mirror and get ready to be married to Steve for time and all eternity. Then Steve and I met up and they took us to the Celestial Room and It was the most beautiful Celestial Room I had ever seen. We sat there and watched as each couple was taken to the sealing rooms, then when they got to us they stopped taking people in for a long time. We started getting impatient and couldn't understand what was taking so long. Then finally after waiting like 45 minutes we where taken to the sealing room. To let you know how behind they where, we where suppose to be getting married at 12:20, we got married at 1:12. The sealing room was just beautiful! I felt so honored to be getting married in such a place. We had the most wonderful sealer ever!! Everyone I talked to agreed that he was one of the best sealings they had been to. As he was talking I couldn't help but almost crying seeing both our family and friends there. Siting next to both our parents and grandparent was so amazing!! Then when the time came for me to be sealed to my husband I looked across at him and just couldn't help but smiling. Then when it was over and everyone left the sealer had Steve and I looking in the mirror as husband and wife. Then we left again to the dressing rooms and he changed into his tux and I to my wedding dress. Then we went down to get ready to come out for our family. As we waited for everyone to gather around the door I looked over at Steve and couldn't believe he was my husband now. Pretty much though out the whole day you can hardly believe all that is happening. Then we came out and took pictures and my heel got stuck in a vent on the ground and had to have Steve pull it out. Then my dad helped me carry my train, that meant a lot to me. It was a really cold day so luckily we had taken all our wedding pictures with just Steve and I earlier that Wednesday. Then we went to our lunch and it was amazing and my sister-in-laws father made the whole thing and did an amazing job and even made my favorite food, cordon bleu and cheesecake without even knowing it. Then we got ready for the reception. We for sure had the best food ever for a wedding! We had cupcakes, moose cups, cake pops, and fondue, although we didn't get to eat any of it tell we got to our hotel.
Then after being in line for 2 hours, we cut the cake and I had planned what I was going to do since I was little and that was to get the cake all over his face! Haha, he had no idea I was going to do that. I loved it! We also had the most beautiful cake I had ever seen, made by my sister-in-law and it was her first wedding cake! She did an amazing job!! Then I had my "last dance" with my dad and then danced with Steve as our first dance as husband and wife. Then I threw the bouquet and the first time I did it hit the ceiling and fell right back to my feet, of course this would only happen to me. Then the garter, Steve went all the way under my dress and took it off with his teeth with he really didn't want to do put gave in on doing it that way. Then the garter had no spring so when he first tried to throw it it didn't go far enough so he had turn around and throw it instead. Then I changed out of my dress and put on my going away dress and ran to our car with line of everyone holding sparklers. We got in the car and had to go back to my house to get my phone cause I forgot it, then we couldn't find the hotel for about 30 minutes, but when we got there it was a beautiful room with rose petals every where and romantic music playing and a huge whirl pool and cheesecake and sparkling cider. I recommend everyone to go there for their first night at Anniversary Inn, we loved it!!

Monday, June 6, 2011

The Proposal

How to begin is the question. Well it was February 2nd my little sister Emilee's Birthday. Steve had asked me the day before if I would like to go out to eat at this Mexican restaurant. I didn't think much of it just thought that he was just trying to do something different since we always seemed to just watch movies at each others apartments. So after I was done with classes we went to the restaurant. After that I started wondering, well could this be the day that I finally get engaged since the rumors were starting to go around in both my home ward and my school ward, and we were soon going to go down to my home and I really didn't want to go without a ring on my finger. I want to work after that but I couldn't figure everything out. I knew he didn't have the ring cause he was always with me and there was never a moment where it seemed like he was going to go get the ring. I kept texting my mom telling her how much I wanted it to happen very soon or I was going to be really sad, because waiting for the guy to propose is so hard, cause you know its going to happen but you dont know when. I got off work and Steve came over and we watched The Time Travelers Wife and I really couldn't relax because I just so much wanted to be engaged already. Then we went swing dancing. The funny things was my mom had called me earlier and told me to make sure I dressed nice and take my camera with me so she could have pictures for the wedding. I wondered if she knew something but again I thought, how would she know something Steve doesn't have her number. I did as I was told but when we got to the dance I found out my camera was dead. I was a little sad but I thought oh well there is always next time. So we danced all night and then Steve requested a song called "Feeling Good" by Michael Buble. When the song came on his roommate was there and decided he would record us dancing. I didn't really want that because I dont like watching myself dance as much if its not like a performance or something but I just blew it off. Then as the music ended the lights in gym turned off and I thought did the power go off or was someone playing with the lights but then as the lights came back on Steve was down on one knee and asked me to marry him right where we met in front of everyone there at the dance. I was shocked!!! I had no clue!! Then I found out all his roommates where there to help do the who thing with the lights and we even got it recorded!! Then Steve told me he had stole my phone as we were watching TV, got my mom's number and called her to make sure she approved of his plan for the proposal and the night before he called me and told me he couldn't hang out that night cause he had to help his roommate with his homework watch was fine because I was so tired after work, when really he was planning the whole thing! He also had told me earlier in the week he had to help a friend move into their apartment when really he was going to get the ring. Oh little did I know this was all going on all around me. My little sister also loved that I was getting engaged on her Birthday. We then got into his roommates car and drove and got ice cream and called my parents and his parents to let them know we where engaged.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Chirstmas 2010

When did we decided we wanted to get married? Well let me tell you, as we were dating we had very casually talked about marriage and what we wanted in a spouse. We had a lot of similar ideas and we each fit a lot of the qualities we were looking for. I kind of knew from the beginning he fit pretty perfectly into the guy that I had been looking for. There was one moment in our relationship I worried that we were going to break up because Steve felt like we were going too fast and I felt bad because the pace we were going was normal for me but not very much for him. I thought I had messed it all up and was frustrated with myself. After we each thought things through after that date, that night things got better but I was very careful after that on showing affection around him too much. I kind of joked about him coming down for Thanksgiving and we both thought it may be a little too fast for him to come down after it wouldn't have been even a month of us dating. For me, having my boyfriends meet my parents was very important to me because that helped me figure out my full feelings for that person and it's nice to get my parents advice. In the end he wanted to come down but the weather was to bad for him to be able to make it. So when Christmas came around I asked again if he would be interested in coming down and he was really nervous about it because he had never been to one of his girlfriends homes from college. For me it didn't feel like too much of a big step but for him and everyone else I talked to told me it was. There were many times he almost didn't want to go. In the end I finally convinced him to come down. I wouldn't see him till Christmas Eve, so that gave me a week and a half for me to prepare my parents for him. It was much harder on both of us to be away from each other than it was for Thanksgiving. We texted and skyped everyday. Then during that week and a half apart we started talking more and more about marriage and how that could be a bit of a possibility for us. I didn't take it too serious cause it was over text, but it still made me happy we were talking and thinking about it. Then Christmas Eve finally came and we picked him up at the airport. The crazy thing is that they were suppose to drop him off in American Fork but he missed his shuttle that was to pick him up at 5 am cause his alarm didn't wake him. He ended up having to call them and take the noon shuttle. He then called them to make sure they would still drop him off in American Fork and they said they would still do that, but when he got to the airport we found out he was told wrong and would be stuck at the airport for a couple hours if we didn't come and pick him up. So we rushed to the airport and drove him to my home. I was very happy to have him back by my side again and felt so much better having him with me. When we got to my place we hung out with my family and then went to Kneaders for dinner. Then as it was starting to get dark we took the tram to Temple Square to go see the lights. He had never been to Utah let alone Temple Square so I had to show him the lights because that is one of the best things to do in Utah at Christmas time. As we were looking at the lights by the reflection pool he turned to me and kissed me and for the very first time, in my most favorite place, he told me he loved me!! Never had a moment been so perfect than that very moment!! I was so happy!!! Then as we walked on and met up with my family I wanted to run to them and tell them what had just happened but I didn't want to embarrass Steve so I just whispered it in my moms ear, but I dont think she heard me cause I was too excited to speak clearly.

Then Christmas morning came and we opened presents. I got Steve two shirts and a Marvel book. He got me Victoria's Secret perfume (no he didn't go in the store, he ordered it online) and colored me as belle from one of my senior pictures (my favorite Disney princess). Then we went on a nice walk and talked. There was one moment though as we were walking he kissed me and I remember a very vivid image in my head of us getting married in the Salt Lake Temple and kissing him after on the outside steps. I had no idea what to think of this image but I very much liked the idea of it. Then we went inside and had dinner with my family and aunt and uncle. After that we went on another walk. As we got to the top of this hill we climbed to see the whole valley and sat on a bench he said,"Kyla, I really think we are going to get married." I just sat there stunned, not knowing how to answer and what to think. All I could think was is this really happening to me? I'm too young to be getting married, I just started college! Then he asked where I wanted to live and how long it would take to plan a wedding. I just couldn't believe all this. I was happy because he was everything I wanted, but we had only been dating a month and a half. When we got home I pulled my mom into her bedroom and told her what we had just talked about. Lets just say for awhile my parents thought I was out of my mind. Then the day after Christmas Steve went home to see his family and tell them that he planned on marrying me. Then I got the whole interview from the family over skype, then was later told by Steve they loved me and felt very good about us getting married. On my side it wasn't so easy. Then as Steve was on his way back to Rexburg from Christmas break, he asked my fathers permission. My dad later told me he felt really good about it and the questions my parents had disappeared.

Friday, June 3, 2011

First Kiss, Etc.

When it comes to Steve and I, we are really goofy! So it only makes sense that we have a pretty funny way of how our first kiss came to be and me trying to get him to put his arm around me. Lets start at the beginning, on our second date I was at his place and we were watching YouTube videos. After a while I leaned over to switch videos and he started to lightly rub my back. I was really excited thinking this had to mean he liked me, so I decided that I would lean back really fast to make his arm stay around me, but every time I would do this he would move his hand back to his lap. It didn't really make sense to me that he would rub my back but not put his arm around me. I finally gave up and stopped trying, but as soon as I stopped trying he finally got the nerve to put his arm around me.

Now for how our first kiss came to be. On Nov 15th it had been a really good night and I really wanted to kiss him but didn't want to be too forward, I just wanted it to happen naturally. When we got to the door I gave him a long hug, but Steve had already figured out I wanted to kiss him cause he is really good at reading people. He decided that he would just give me a kiss on the cheek to take things slow, not knowing that he was just trying to kiss my check I kissed him instead. Didn't find that out till months later. 

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Kyla & Steve: How We Met

With blogging I would really like to use it  as a journal of things going on and past memories that I dont want to forget. For my first real entry I want to start with the most important story, the story of how I met my husband.
It all began November 10th, at BYU-Idaho, they have school dances every Wednesday and Friday. I started out going country and ballroom dancing every week until one week I decided to switch it up and go swing dancing rather then country dancing. When I got there I saw one of the girls from my major and decided to kind of hang out and talk to her. As we were standing around waiting for guys to ask us to dance I saw him, he was cute and looked like he really knew how to dance and that impressed me because I love guys that know how to dance and would love more then anything to have someone to go dancing with all the time. As I danced with other guys I kept hoping he would soon ask me. Finally after a little while he asked me to dance. Just as I saw he was a really good dancer and he was really funny and easy to talk to. He ended up asking me a second time that night. On our second dance I found out he remembered my name and I thought well he has to be intrested if he remembers my name because I never remember names when I go dancing. At the end of the dance I waited around a little bit to see if he would ask my number but he didnt. I was a little disappointed but then remembered he told me he loved going latin dancing on fridays so I thought maybe I would go so I could see him again.
When friday came around I was excited and nervous at the same time because I didn't want to look like a stalker and it was so not me to go after a guy. When I got to the building where the dance was I almost turned around and forgot all about it but I decided that all things happen for a reason and whatever happens there are plenty men in the sea. When I got there I didnt see him and was kind of worried he wouldnt show up that night, but thirty minutes after I had arrived I finally saw him. I said hi to let him know I was there and went on dancing. Later he asked me to dance and we talked and flirted some more and then the dance ended. There was another guy there that I had met ballroom dancing and had kind of became friends with. We decided that half way through the dance we would switch and go to ballroom. When the time came for us to leave I was sad cause Steve hadn't asked me to dance again and I still hadn't gotten his number. As I slowly put on my coat to leave,  he came up and asked me to dance with him one more time before I left. We danced to two songs in a row and thought well if he doesnt ask my number now then I dont think he ever will. When the two dances had finished he walked me back to the door for me to go to ballroom, as we were walking he finally asked for my number. Then I met up with the other guy and walked to ballroom dancing and then he started dancing with me a lot. Later that night he asked my number also and asked me to go out with him that Saturday night to a dance concert with him so I told him why not.
When I got to my apartment I felt pretty cool to have gotten asked by two guys for my phone number and talked to my roommate about it. One I liked just as a fun friend to hang with and the other I was more intrested in. Well an hour after I had gotten home I got a call from Steve and he ended up asking to go to the same concert that coming night. I had no idea what to do, so I talked to my roommate and decided I would cancel with the other guy and go out with Steve. I had never done that before so I felt really bad and hoped I wouldnt see the other guy at the concert. In the end it ended up that the tickets for the dance concert where sold out, so we decided we would go to Inception instead. He didn't have a car so we ended up walking about a mile to the cheap theater. During that time we talked a lot. Talking with him came so easy. I tried to see if he would hold my hand during the movie by leaving my hand always free but he didn't and in away that was nice to know he wouldn't rush things like my past boyfriends. After I got home he called back and wanted to see me the next day and have dinner at his apartment. I thought wow I guy that can cook, sweet! When I got there he had made instant potato's, chicken nuggets, and instant gravy, how romantic *wink*. Then after we said the prayer his roommate came out dressed as a waiter with a towel as an apron, swim trunks, and a t-shirt. He had a sparkling cider bottle filled with water and poured it for us. I was laughing so hard and then later his roommate had to leave and tried to sneak out by crawling to the door. We then watched YouTube clips. From that day on Steve and I where together every day since and I never ended up going on a date with that guy that I turned down.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Ok can't write enough on my facebook about my life, so why not blog?

So have been trying to decided for a long time if I should start a blog. When I asked my mom about it she said well once you start one you have to be commited. So i tried to think if i would write on it a lot and what I would write about and if it was worth it on not. I figured im on facebook a lot and like to up date my status a lot and see what people have to say about it that I felt like I wanted to do something where i could write more about my life and even more wanting to now that im married and have great things to write about. So here it goes my name is Kyla Oaks, was Kyla Young about a month ago but I married the man of my dreams on April 30th. All of that story I will get to later. I love ballroom dance, photography, interior design, music, the gospel, my family, my husband, really green places and flowers, reading, movies, ice cream, good quality food, being a wife, having my own apartment to take care of and decorate, and just plan enjoying life. I was born August 22, 1991 weighting 3lbs 1oz and had to stay in the hospital for a month before getting to go home with my parents. I'm the oldest of 4 girls. All and all I had a pretty good childhood but for sure had some challenges of my own but was happy all the same. Learned to be strong and independent. I love people of all ages and love just getting to know all about them and talking to them. Everyone has a great life story to tell that you can learn from and laugh along with. I love to sleep because being relaxed and covered in blankets is the best feeling. I love the 50's, if only life could be like that today but without it being after the war :P. I'm very open and not afried to be myself. Well there is a little about me and Ill talk to you again soon. Goodnight!