Sunday, June 5, 2011

Chirstmas 2010

When did we decided we wanted to get married? Well let me tell you, as we were dating we had very casually talked about marriage and what we wanted in a spouse. We had a lot of similar ideas and we each fit a lot of the qualities we were looking for. I kind of knew from the beginning he fit pretty perfectly into the guy that I had been looking for. There was one moment in our relationship I worried that we were going to break up because Steve felt like we were going too fast and I felt bad because the pace we were going was normal for me but not very much for him. I thought I had messed it all up and was frustrated with myself. After we each thought things through after that date, that night things got better but I was very careful after that on showing affection around him too much. I kind of joked about him coming down for Thanksgiving and we both thought it may be a little too fast for him to come down after it wouldn't have been even a month of us dating. For me, having my boyfriends meet my parents was very important to me because that helped me figure out my full feelings for that person and it's nice to get my parents advice. In the end he wanted to come down but the weather was to bad for him to be able to make it. So when Christmas came around I asked again if he would be interested in coming down and he was really nervous about it because he had never been to one of his girlfriends homes from college. For me it didn't feel like too much of a big step but for him and everyone else I talked to told me it was. There were many times he almost didn't want to go. In the end I finally convinced him to come down. I wouldn't see him till Christmas Eve, so that gave me a week and a half for me to prepare my parents for him. It was much harder on both of us to be away from each other than it was for Thanksgiving. We texted and skyped everyday. Then during that week and a half apart we started talking more and more about marriage and how that could be a bit of a possibility for us. I didn't take it too serious cause it was over text, but it still made me happy we were talking and thinking about it. Then Christmas Eve finally came and we picked him up at the airport. The crazy thing is that they were suppose to drop him off in American Fork but he missed his shuttle that was to pick him up at 5 am cause his alarm didn't wake him. He ended up having to call them and take the noon shuttle. He then called them to make sure they would still drop him off in American Fork and they said they would still do that, but when he got to the airport we found out he was told wrong and would be stuck at the airport for a couple hours if we didn't come and pick him up. So we rushed to the airport and drove him to my home. I was very happy to have him back by my side again and felt so much better having him with me. When we got to my place we hung out with my family and then went to Kneaders for dinner. Then as it was starting to get dark we took the tram to Temple Square to go see the lights. He had never been to Utah let alone Temple Square so I had to show him the lights because that is one of the best things to do in Utah at Christmas time. As we were looking at the lights by the reflection pool he turned to me and kissed me and for the very first time, in my most favorite place, he told me he loved me!! Never had a moment been so perfect than that very moment!! I was so happy!!! Then as we walked on and met up with my family I wanted to run to them and tell them what had just happened but I didn't want to embarrass Steve so I just whispered it in my moms ear, but I dont think she heard me cause I was too excited to speak clearly.

Then Christmas morning came and we opened presents. I got Steve two shirts and a Marvel book. He got me Victoria's Secret perfume (no he didn't go in the store, he ordered it online) and colored me as belle from one of my senior pictures (my favorite Disney princess). Then we went on a nice walk and talked. There was one moment though as we were walking he kissed me and I remember a very vivid image in my head of us getting married in the Salt Lake Temple and kissing him after on the outside steps. I had no idea what to think of this image but I very much liked the idea of it. Then we went inside and had dinner with my family and aunt and uncle. After that we went on another walk. As we got to the top of this hill we climbed to see the whole valley and sat on a bench he said,"Kyla, I really think we are going to get married." I just sat there stunned, not knowing how to answer and what to think. All I could think was is this really happening to me? I'm too young to be getting married, I just started college! Then he asked where I wanted to live and how long it would take to plan a wedding. I just couldn't believe all this. I was happy because he was everything I wanted, but we had only been dating a month and a half. When we got home I pulled my mom into her bedroom and told her what we had just talked about. Lets just say for awhile my parents thought I was out of my mind. Then the day after Christmas Steve went home to see his family and tell them that he planned on marrying me. Then I got the whole interview from the family over skype, then was later told by Steve they loved me and felt very good about us getting married. On my side it wasn't so easy. Then as Steve was on his way back to Rexburg from Christmas break, he asked my fathers permission. My dad later told me he felt really good about it and the questions my parents had disappeared.

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