Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Wedding

Those who know me well I have planned this day since I was born. I pretty much lived for this day. I have loved everything to do with weddings.When the day finally came I couldn't believe it. I was marrying the man of my dreams! The man I wanted to spend forever with, who couldn't fit me more perfectly! The love I have for this man words could never explain! How honored I was to be marrying him I couldn't even tell you! He is 100% my best friend, the one makes me smile and laugh the most, who I could never imagine losing ever!! We both took a sleeping pill the night before cause we are both really light sleepers and wanted to get a good nights sleep. I woke up at 8 in the morning to go get my hair done at 8:30 by the person that has cut my hair since I could remember. Who as you can see did an AMAZING job!! Then right after that I drove to my next stop to get my make up done and she really knew how to make me look stunning. Then got my bouquet and went back home and got everything I needed, then left for Salt Lake. I got there right on time and was so stressed and nerves that I was shaking and had to have Steve hold me for a second as my mom checked in my dress. Then we walked out of the waiting room into the temple. I couldn't believe I was there! I had dreamed of getting married in this temple forever! Then we went in a little office where they got all our information and had us sign our marriage license and ask us who we wanted to be our witnesses, of course we picked our fathers. Then we where took up stairs and separated to go to the dressing rooms. When I got in there it was pretty much a small little locker room and I was a little sad that it wasn't nicer. Then the temple worker asked me if I wanted to get ready in the bridal room or change in the locker room, I picked the bridal room of course. They had me put on this elegant silk robe to walk into the bridal room and then my mom helped me get in my temple dress and I felt SO beautiful and was so grateful to have my mom there with me. It was such a special moment to spend time with my mom and look in the mirror and get ready to be married to Steve for time and all eternity. Then Steve and I met up and they took us to the Celestial Room and It was the most beautiful Celestial Room I had ever seen. We sat there and watched as each couple was taken to the sealing rooms, then when they got to us they stopped taking people in for a long time. We started getting impatient and couldn't understand what was taking so long. Then finally after waiting like 45 minutes we where taken to the sealing room. To let you know how behind they where, we where suppose to be getting married at 12:20, we got married at 1:12. The sealing room was just beautiful! I felt so honored to be getting married in such a place. We had the most wonderful sealer ever!! Everyone I talked to agreed that he was one of the best sealings they had been to. As he was talking I couldn't help but almost crying seeing both our family and friends there. Siting next to both our parents and grandparent was so amazing!! Then when the time came for me to be sealed to my husband I looked across at him and just couldn't help but smiling. Then when it was over and everyone left the sealer had Steve and I looking in the mirror as husband and wife. Then we left again to the dressing rooms and he changed into his tux and I to my wedding dress. Then we went down to get ready to come out for our family. As we waited for everyone to gather around the door I looked over at Steve and couldn't believe he was my husband now. Pretty much though out the whole day you can hardly believe all that is happening. Then we came out and took pictures and my heel got stuck in a vent on the ground and had to have Steve pull it out. Then my dad helped me carry my train, that meant a lot to me. It was a really cold day so luckily we had taken all our wedding pictures with just Steve and I earlier that Wednesday. Then we went to our lunch and it was amazing and my sister-in-laws father made the whole thing and did an amazing job and even made my favorite food, cordon bleu and cheesecake without even knowing it. Then we got ready for the reception. We for sure had the best food ever for a wedding! We had cupcakes, moose cups, cake pops, and fondue, although we didn't get to eat any of it tell we got to our hotel.
Then after being in line for 2 hours, we cut the cake and I had planned what I was going to do since I was little and that was to get the cake all over his face! Haha, he had no idea I was going to do that. I loved it! We also had the most beautiful cake I had ever seen, made by my sister-in-law and it was her first wedding cake! She did an amazing job!! Then I had my "last dance" with my dad and then danced with Steve as our first dance as husband and wife. Then I threw the bouquet and the first time I did it hit the ceiling and fell right back to my feet, of course this would only happen to me. Then the garter, Steve went all the way under my dress and took it off with his teeth with he really didn't want to do put gave in on doing it that way. Then the garter had no spring so when he first tried to throw it it didn't go far enough so he had turn around and throw it instead. Then I changed out of my dress and put on my going away dress and ran to our car with line of everyone holding sparklers. We got in the car and had to go back to my house to get my phone cause I forgot it, then we couldn't find the hotel for about 30 minutes, but when we got there it was a beautiful room with rose petals every where and romantic music playing and a huge whirl pool and cheesecake and sparkling cider. I recommend everyone to go there for their first night at Anniversary Inn, we loved it!!

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