Thursday, June 2, 2011

Kyla & Steve: How We Met

With blogging I would really like to use it  as a journal of things going on and past memories that I dont want to forget. For my first real entry I want to start with the most important story, the story of how I met my husband.
It all began November 10th, at BYU-Idaho, they have school dances every Wednesday and Friday. I started out going country and ballroom dancing every week until one week I decided to switch it up and go swing dancing rather then country dancing. When I got there I saw one of the girls from my major and decided to kind of hang out and talk to her. As we were standing around waiting for guys to ask us to dance I saw him, he was cute and looked like he really knew how to dance and that impressed me because I love guys that know how to dance and would love more then anything to have someone to go dancing with all the time. As I danced with other guys I kept hoping he would soon ask me. Finally after a little while he asked me to dance. Just as I saw he was a really good dancer and he was really funny and easy to talk to. He ended up asking me a second time that night. On our second dance I found out he remembered my name and I thought well he has to be intrested if he remembers my name because I never remember names when I go dancing. At the end of the dance I waited around a little bit to see if he would ask my number but he didnt. I was a little disappointed but then remembered he told me he loved going latin dancing on fridays so I thought maybe I would go so I could see him again.
When friday came around I was excited and nervous at the same time because I didn't want to look like a stalker and it was so not me to go after a guy. When I got to the building where the dance was I almost turned around and forgot all about it but I decided that all things happen for a reason and whatever happens there are plenty men in the sea. When I got there I didnt see him and was kind of worried he wouldnt show up that night, but thirty minutes after I had arrived I finally saw him. I said hi to let him know I was there and went on dancing. Later he asked me to dance and we talked and flirted some more and then the dance ended. There was another guy there that I had met ballroom dancing and had kind of became friends with. We decided that half way through the dance we would switch and go to ballroom. When the time came for us to leave I was sad cause Steve hadn't asked me to dance again and I still hadn't gotten his number. As I slowly put on my coat to leave,  he came up and asked me to dance with him one more time before I left. We danced to two songs in a row and thought well if he doesnt ask my number now then I dont think he ever will. When the two dances had finished he walked me back to the door for me to go to ballroom, as we were walking he finally asked for my number. Then I met up with the other guy and walked to ballroom dancing and then he started dancing with me a lot. Later that night he asked my number also and asked me to go out with him that Saturday night to a dance concert with him so I told him why not.
When I got to my apartment I felt pretty cool to have gotten asked by two guys for my phone number and talked to my roommate about it. One I liked just as a fun friend to hang with and the other I was more intrested in. Well an hour after I had gotten home I got a call from Steve and he ended up asking to go to the same concert that coming night. I had no idea what to do, so I talked to my roommate and decided I would cancel with the other guy and go out with Steve. I had never done that before so I felt really bad and hoped I wouldnt see the other guy at the concert. In the end it ended up that the tickets for the dance concert where sold out, so we decided we would go to Inception instead. He didn't have a car so we ended up walking about a mile to the cheap theater. During that time we talked a lot. Talking with him came so easy. I tried to see if he would hold my hand during the movie by leaving my hand always free but he didn't and in away that was nice to know he wouldn't rush things like my past boyfriends. After I got home he called back and wanted to see me the next day and have dinner at his apartment. I thought wow I guy that can cook, sweet! When I got there he had made instant potato's, chicken nuggets, and instant gravy, how romantic *wink*. Then after we said the prayer his roommate came out dressed as a waiter with a towel as an apron, swim trunks, and a t-shirt. He had a sparkling cider bottle filled with water and poured it for us. I was laughing so hard and then later his roommate had to leave and tried to sneak out by crawling to the door. We then watched YouTube clips. From that day on Steve and I where together every day since and I never ended up going on a date with that guy that I turned down.

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