Monday, June 20, 2011

The Married Life

How do I like married life you ask? Well its pretty much the best thing in the world!!!! I get to cuddle with my husband at night, come home to him every day after work, we get to be really goofy cause no one is watching us,  we get to go and do whatever we want (if we can afford it), no more roommates, you always have someone to talk to, and know you're safe because your husband sometimes jumps out of bed if you make too much nosie thinking someone is in the house. My husband is for sure my perfect match! No one in this world could fit me better than he does, we like the same music, have a lot of the same hobbies, we love the gospel with everything we have, love doing service, watching movies, same favorite foods, dancing, running, and are both light sleepers. We don't plan on having kids until like a min. of 2 years. We hope to travel a lot through out our lives. Want to serve a mission when we are older. We love our apartment! Its totally perfect for us on a quiet street but in the middle of town so everything is really close. We like going to the park and feeding the ducks. My husband loves to take up the whole bed but he says only because he has to be close to me at night. He is really fun to watch as he sleeps cause he does some funny things.
The hardest things about being married is you can't visit your family whenever you want any more, bills, have to work longer hours at your job and dont get to go on all the vactions your family gets to go on. As you can see there is not many hard things about being married. I know that with Steven I can do anything and I would never leave him. He is my best friend and treats me how I have always wanted to be treated by my husband. He makes life less stressful for me. I get to totally let my hair down and be myself  and know that he loves every single thing about me. No one has ever made me laugh and  smile as much as he does and no one makes me as happy as he makes me. It is also the best feeling knowing he is mine forever!! I love that I'm going to get to grow old with him and have children and go through every step of life with him by my side! I thank the lord every day for giving me such a wonderful husband!!  I love you Steven Oaks!!

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