Friday, June 17, 2011

The Honeymoon

After planning for a little while on where to go on our honeymoon, we decided we would go to Disneyland because Steve had never been. So when we woke up from our first night together and started to pack and were about to leave when we realized we lost our hotel key and we had to return it. We searched every where and I mean every where. I was really panicked because we would miss our flight if we couldn't find it and I really didn't want to pay the fee for them to get a new one. Finally we just had to give up and ask them if they could find it for us when cleaning. As we walked out the door and closed it we saw that the key was still in the lock! How weird is that? We must have been so nervous that we forgot to take the key out of the lock. As we got to the airport and almost to where we board they called final boarding! We where so lucky not to miss our flight and then when we got on the plane they announce how we had just got married, never had that happen before. Then we drove about an hour to our hotel in Carlsbad. We then went and got oranges and strawberries at my families favorite strawberry field. Then the next day Steve started not feeling very well and we later find out it was strep throat, but we didn't have his insurance card so we never took him to the doctor. Luckily he got better by the time we got to Disneyland but we didn't get to spend really any time on the beach like we planned. We mostly just hung at the hotel. We did try to have a bomb fire that last night but couldn't find a place we could have one so we had to take all our supplies back to the store. Then when we got to Disneyland it was really fun to watch Steve get really excited about the rides. We had a lot of fun and wore just married pins and our Disney bride and groom shirts. Our favorite ride is the Toy Story ride! Then we saw the world of color and we loved it!! It was just amazing!! For sure was the best honeymoon we could ever have had and it fit our personalities very much!! Then we flew to Steve's parents house, had our open house. Then his dad offered to have us buy his car cause we were very much in need of one and had been looking for awhile and drove it to my home to get all our wedding gifts and then drive to our cute little apartment, that we love, and started our new life together as husband and wife. Lets just say married life is the best thing ever!!!!!

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