Friday, June 3, 2011

First Kiss, Etc.

When it comes to Steve and I, we are really goofy! So it only makes sense that we have a pretty funny way of how our first kiss came to be and me trying to get him to put his arm around me. Lets start at the beginning, on our second date I was at his place and we were watching YouTube videos. After a while I leaned over to switch videos and he started to lightly rub my back. I was really excited thinking this had to mean he liked me, so I decided that I would lean back really fast to make his arm stay around me, but every time I would do this he would move his hand back to his lap. It didn't really make sense to me that he would rub my back but not put his arm around me. I finally gave up and stopped trying, but as soon as I stopped trying he finally got the nerve to put his arm around me.

Now for how our first kiss came to be. On Nov 15th it had been a really good night and I really wanted to kiss him but didn't want to be too forward, I just wanted it to happen naturally. When we got to the door I gave him a long hug, but Steve had already figured out I wanted to kiss him cause he is really good at reading people. He decided that he would just give me a kiss on the cheek to take things slow, not knowing that he was just trying to kiss my check I kissed him instead. Didn't find that out till months later. 

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