Monday, June 6, 2011

The Proposal

How to begin is the question. Well it was February 2nd my little sister Emilee's Birthday. Steve had asked me the day before if I would like to go out to eat at this Mexican restaurant. I didn't think much of it just thought that he was just trying to do something different since we always seemed to just watch movies at each others apartments. So after I was done with classes we went to the restaurant. After that I started wondering, well could this be the day that I finally get engaged since the rumors were starting to go around in both my home ward and my school ward, and we were soon going to go down to my home and I really didn't want to go without a ring on my finger. I want to work after that but I couldn't figure everything out. I knew he didn't have the ring cause he was always with me and there was never a moment where it seemed like he was going to go get the ring. I kept texting my mom telling her how much I wanted it to happen very soon or I was going to be really sad, because waiting for the guy to propose is so hard, cause you know its going to happen but you dont know when. I got off work and Steve came over and we watched The Time Travelers Wife and I really couldn't relax because I just so much wanted to be engaged already. Then we went swing dancing. The funny things was my mom had called me earlier and told me to make sure I dressed nice and take my camera with me so she could have pictures for the wedding. I wondered if she knew something but again I thought, how would she know something Steve doesn't have her number. I did as I was told but when we got to the dance I found out my camera was dead. I was a little sad but I thought oh well there is always next time. So we danced all night and then Steve requested a song called "Feeling Good" by Michael Buble. When the song came on his roommate was there and decided he would record us dancing. I didn't really want that because I dont like watching myself dance as much if its not like a performance or something but I just blew it off. Then as the music ended the lights in gym turned off and I thought did the power go off or was someone playing with the lights but then as the lights came back on Steve was down on one knee and asked me to marry him right where we met in front of everyone there at the dance. I was shocked!!! I had no clue!! Then I found out all his roommates where there to help do the who thing with the lights and we even got it recorded!! Then Steve told me he had stole my phone as we were watching TV, got my mom's number and called her to make sure she approved of his plan for the proposal and the night before he called me and told me he couldn't hang out that night cause he had to help his roommate with his homework watch was fine because I was so tired after work, when really he was planning the whole thing! He also had told me earlier in the week he had to help a friend move into their apartment when really he was going to get the ring. Oh little did I know this was all going on all around me. My little sister also loved that I was getting engaged on her Birthday. We then got into his roommates car and drove and got ice cream and called my parents and his parents to let them know we where engaged.

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